Mod Pets


I’ve never been one to shell out the big bucks for fancy dog clothes or pampering. But, when it comes to dog necessities that are going to be taking up space in my property, I want them to look good. Now, with that said, most of the modern pet stuff I found is ridiculously expensive. So you can both scoff at and adore the following with me.

This post is the first of several installments to come about modern pet accessories. I’ll focus on pet housing for this post.

This modern beaut is from PreFabPets. It sells for $349-$899 depending on what size you want. The small version is pictured.

This dog bed/crate also serves as a nice end-table. Although, it may be weird to have a caged animal in the room if you have visitors. This comes from DenHaus costs $599. I don’t think that cute Boston is part of the deal here.

This prefab dog house was custom designed by architect Rocio Romero to go along with a house that he designed for a family in Maine. You can see pics of the house and dog house here.

I found this lovely crate on etsy from seller Pure Panache. It’s handmade, so you know it’s good. It sells for $350.

Yes, that is a dog house. Yes, it is ridiculous. You can read a post here about this house for 2 Great Danes that cost over $380,000. It comes complete with temperature controlled beds, 52″ Plasma TV and much more. Wow.


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